Monday, May 24, 2010

Kinship Builder's Event

Kinship of Greater Minneapolis hosted a spring open house for Builders on Sunday, May 23rd. A tour of the new office space was provided along with an update on program activities. Rev. Ron Sykes, longtime Kinship mentor and ambassador provided a blessing of the new space. Board President, Bruce Ensrud, hosted the event, while Ray Douglas, Builder's Captain, provided an update on the Builder's Club. A brief program update was provided by Margie Edberg, Kinship Co-Director. Builders were also provided a chance to view Kinship's new 7 minute video and updated website, just launched today!

Ray Douglas noted how in his business as an investor he would love to have an investment opportunity like Kinship that could almost guarantee significant annual gains. Thanks to the generosity and dependability of long-term mentors and donors children enrolled in Kinship are able to make significant annual gains year after year in their development.

Staff enjoyed visiting with the Builder's, which included a number of former Board members and program participants. We are especially thankful to donors who make a gift of $300 or more to support the Kinship Builder's program. Being faced with challenging economic times, and having no fees for service Kinship is increasingly dependent upon the generosity of individual donors to support this critical mentoring ministry.


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